Tim Chadsey furniture
Born in Toronto I came to England to study photography and settled in London working as a still-life photographer for 25 years.

One of my early commissions was for a bespoke furniture company and I was deeply impressed by the beauty and craftsmanship of their work.  The memory of this stayed with me so it seemed natural that when I was looking for a new creative outlet that I turned to furniture making.
I spent two years training and working in a highly renowned workshop learning the traditional and modern craft skills needed to make furniture of the highest quality following which I set up my workshop here on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border.

I use British, European and North American hardwoods and, where appropriate, veneers. With these woods my clients and I can be certain of their origin and sustainability.  I also like to recycle old pieces of furniture into new designs. Reuse of wood in this way is to be encouraged and if you have a piece that could be given a new lease of life I would be glad to discuss it with you.

My years as a photographer have given me an instinctive visual awareness and perception of light and shape.  I also draw on other inspirations such as architecture, graphics and nature itself but with two of the most important being my client’s own ideas and imagination.

I believe in simplicity and elegance in design - form and function working together to create useful, beautiful, furniture that is now and will remain of enduring appeal.
tcbespoke  furniture
tcbespoke  furniture